Who gives away websites for free?

My name is Justin Elbel, and I am do this type of work for a living.  I fix computers and phones, I build websites, I help people stay connected and get work done.  You may have heard of my business; Punxsy Computer.  If you have a tech problem, I can help.

But why free websites?

There are several reasons I am offering these free sites:

  • I really enjoy building websites, it's my favorite part of my business.
  • It helps build my portfolio, and give me experience, which leads to more paying jobs.
  • It helps give back to the community, that's why I started with scout troops, because I was a scout and it made a huge impact on who I am today
  • It doesn't cost a whole lot to do a simple site like this, on a shared domain, that's why all of these free sites have a punxsy.org address.
  • I believe that technology should be able to benefit everyone, not just those who can afford an overpriced website from a million dollar company.  That's why even my paid sites are cheaper than most.

Published on  November 9th, 2019