Why do we need a website?

  • Connect with your community 24/7
  • Promote fundraisers and events by sharing website links via email, social media, or even print, so everyone sees the same content
  • Thank your volunteers for all the hard work they do
  • Get the attention of sponsors so they can see their donations put to good use
  • Publish your upcoming events with an online calendar that's always up-to-date
  • Keep everyone in the loop with up to the minute announcements

Did we mention? IT'S FREE! for non-profit organizations in the Punxsutawney area.

In today's connected world, an organization without a web presence will have a hard time remaining relevant.

Isn't our Facebook page good enough?

No, it's not.  More and more users are dumping Facebook due to privacy concerns.  Many younger users never even bother creating facebook accounts, and prefer other social networks.  Social networks come and go like fads, remember MySpace?  You need a long term web presence that can be accessed by anyone, no matter what services they choose to use.  You don't want to turn someone away because they don't an account with the service you're on.

Published on  November 9th, 2019